Why your child refuses to do homework

If your child refuses to do her homework, you cannot be angry. You have to know the reasons and understand why she keeps refusing doing the homework. The most common reason is your child has been exhausted due to the school tasks and activities. She perhaps also join sport club that spends her energy. At night when she to do the homework, she has no more energy and want to take a rest. In this situation, you need to reschedule her activities, so that she will have energy for doing the homework. It is important because she needs to revise and review the lesson and have god performance at school. The alternative is she may join sport club in the weekend.

Another reason that makes your child does not like homework is she has known and mastered all the materials. She perhaps gets lazy in doing math homework because she can count very well and know the way to find the area, fraction, decimal, and others. She gets bored in doing the same things. In this case, there are two things you can do. First, you can visit the teacher and explain what happen. Your child may not have to do the entire homework and is allowed to do a half. Second, you can keep supporting your child to do homework by saying that homework is easy and fun. Hopefully, your child will be able to do the homework fast and can spend the rest time for doing something fun.

On the other hand, your child refuses to do homework because she feels homework is difficult to finish and too much. This can be the real problem because your child needs more explanation in comprehending the lesson. Try to understand the lesson and explain calmly that you are going to help her finish the homework. You can read the books, explain the points, and let your child listen to you carefully. In this case you are not acting like a teacher, but you are trying to ease your child’s difficulty. Prepare simple rewards for her so that she becomes more enthusiasts and do much effort to finish the homework. Asking the help from personal tutor will be helpful but this choice is costly.