Support your child to do homework

Going to school can be the happiest moment happens in the morning. Your child is very enthusiast and confidence before leaving for school. When you take her to school or bus shuttle, she will leave you cheerfully since she will get new experiences at school and meets her friends. However, you will face contrast situation in the afternoon when your child is going home. She may be gloomy and look so exhausted. Well, it is normal because she has done lots of things. What may be the source of her sadness is she has to do homework. This can be serious problem especially when she is already exhausted and has no intention to do that.

Indeed, the debate about whether homework should be given or not will never get an end. But you have to think positively and encourage your child to do the homework. It does not mean that you are the one who is responsible to finish the homework. Your task is guiding her to sit down, open the book, read the questions, and write the answers. For certain parents, the problem with doing homework happens when the child is about six until nine years old. These children do not realize yet about the advantages of homework and they seem to like playing more. There is no exact time when your child has to do the homework. It can be done before or after dinner, or at the time when your child is not exhausted anymore.

It is better if she does the homework at her room, so that she can concentrate more. Turn the television off and you should not make annoying noise. You and your couple have to agree about this because it looks silly when you ask your child to do the homework and on the other hand you watch comedy program on TV and your couple listen to loud music. Your child has to be on the supportive situation where she can concentrate and focus on doing the homework. It is important especially when the homework is a kind of reviewing the lesson at school.