Never take over your child homework

School homework is commonly given as the way to make your child review the lesson at school. Certain homework like math is given to make sure your child revise and practices more at home. Your child will have the opportunity to learn more and review the lesson at home, so that she will be ready for accepting the next chapter. But, sometimes your child has to finish more homework compared to the other days. This can be problem especially when she comes home in the late afternoon. It means she only has a few hours before she goes to bed at nine in the evening. What usually parents do is helping the children to finish the homework. Yes, some parents seriously take over their children homework and let the children watch TV or relax for a while.

Surely, you should not do this although you really love your child. What you can do is arranging the schedule well, so that your child can have balanced relaxing time and doing homework session. When she comes home, let her to have some snacks, drink, and play with the pets, even dinner, and other relaxing activities. When they are done, you need to take your child to the room and start doing the homework. You may suggest her to do the easier or the more difficult one. It depends on her. Doing the more difficult ones let her to think hard at the beginning. Then, she does not have to think hard at doing the next homework since it is not relatively difficult.

She may have some difficulties and you are allowed to show her the way to finish. For example, you may explain the way to find the area of triangle and show her the steps. But, you are forbidden to do the calculation. After she has finished, it is necessary for you to check whether she has done the homework carefully or not. Read well and give signs for the improper answers. Then, show her certain items that she has to redo. Be patient because there is a chance that she becomes angry. Support her to maintain her self confidence, so that she believes she is able in this lesson. You do not need to be next to her anytime, but she should be able to look at you when she needs support.